We provide a range of consultancy services extending from hotel valuations to feasibility studies for advising on the development of new hotels, repositioning strategies to true management strategy consulting to major hospitality and leisure firms executed to the highest standards and coupled with our deep sectorial expertise.

Strategic consultancy are customized engagements designed to respond to the specific issues and key questions that our clients wish to consider in depth.

Feasibility studies are more standardized but are adapted to the needs of each project. An example of a feasibility study for improving the performance of an existing hotel would generally include:

  • Physical product and needed CapEx
  • Hotel supply and demand in the area: current and future offer and competitive environment.
  • Benchmark, with respects to competitors already present in the area and/ or with comparable hotel destinations.
  • Customer profile, type, nationality and motivation for the product/ destination choice.
  • Sales and marketing strategy: ongoing activities, marketing channels (website, wholesale, direct channel), direct and indirect marketing .
  • Relationship and contracts with travel agencies, tour operators and suppliers
  • Analytical dissection of operations and P&L: revenues (room, F&B, etc.); expenses (departmental and indirect expenses).
  • Analysis of structure and staff expenses
  • Analysis of controls and internal procedures.
  • Investments in fixed capital and working capital.
  • Financial projections based on undertaking and implementing the proposed recommendations and suggested improvements.

The usual deliverable of a feasibility of this type contains detailed analyses and specific, implementable recommendations, and/or an action plan to optimize the hotel's performance.

If desired by the client, we can propose a second phase in which Matlin Associates implements our recommendations (having the degree of involvement which the client desires), and thus highlighting our commitment and confidence in our recommendations.