firm values

Quality of Service:

The commitment of the professionals of Matlin Associates is one of uncompromising excellence in the delivery of all aspects of our work; from kick-off and preparation through to the execution and management of the transaction itself, bringing to bear our collective experience, the personalized service of a boutique firm coupled with independent and creative thinking which considers both traditional and unorthodox solutions, always seeking the best outcome.

Closeness, honesty, and commitment:

Our behavior and conduct in our relationships with our clients is paramount. We endeavor to maintain the highest ethical standards, putting our clients' interests before our own, providing transparent and unvarnished advise with the impartiality for which we are highly regarded and always bearing in mind the enormous responsibility and trust that our clients place in us in any transaction involving their businesses.

Execution capacity:

We possess the experience and all required skills (technical, financial, etc.) to execute any transaction in the broad range corporate finance services that we provide. However, we are disciplined in the evaluation of each opportunity ensuring that we only undertake projects for which we can commit the needed resources and which fall within the scope of our expertise. We are candid with clients prior to accepting any mandate; and do not shy away from declining projects that we feel we will be unable to fulfill to our standard of excellence or for which we do not believe the client's expectations are realistic or achievable.

Confidentiality and discretion:

We commit and undertake to ensure the highest level of confidentiality in the execution of any transaction, recognizing the impact that premature leaks can cause on employees, clients, suppliers and the like. Often no one outside the "inner circle" beyond the client (shareholders and senior management team), ourselves, legal advisors and potential buyers are aware that any transaction is under discussion until binding commitments are in place and an announcement is made.

We never reveal nor release any details of our work without our client's express authorization and have extensive experience in successfully managing rigorous, competitive processes with absolute discretion.